My Top 10 – Mental Health Movies in German

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A selection of my favourite Mental Health Movies in German

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With this blog article, I am going to start off a new series on my blog. I'm planning on presenting my Top 10 of things in different blog articels, starting with my Top 10 of Mental Health Movies in German. In addition, I am releasing my first English article today, which makes me proud and excited at the same time.  

Why did I categorize the following movies as 'Mental Health Movies'? Because for me, they all supported me in triggering emotions, I didn't feel in a longer time - or even stronger, which I have never felt before. Topics that carry a strong trigger for me, aspects which make me connect to my deepest feelings, discovering who I am at the core of my soul, what I stand for, what I went through, what I want to live for. Every one of these movies made me reflect, let me feel intense gratitude and initiated another step towards personal development, towards growth. Building mental strength, enhancing the process to resilience. 

My recommended movies are a colourful mix of genres, background stories and creative styles. However, for me they are all connected by covering mental health topics or by helping people with mental health challenges on understanding themselves in specific and the world in general on a higher level. 

Spirituality, Belief, Self-reflection, Self-acceptance, Inclusion, Law of attraction, Determining factors, Transcendentality, Reality, Emotions, Grief, Suicide, Euthanasia, Personal Growth

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