My Top 10 – Mental Health Movies in German

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​A selection of my favourite Mental Health Movies in German

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With this blog article, I am going to start off a new series on my blog. I'm planning on presenting my Top 10 of things in different blog articels, starting with my Top 10 of Mental Health Movies in German. In addition, I am releasing my first English article today, which makes me proud and excited at the same time.  

​Why did I categorize the following movies as 'Mental Health Movies'? Because for me, they all supported me in triggering emotions, I didn't feel in a longer time - or even stronger, which I have never felt before. Topics that carry a strong trigger for me, aspects which make me connect to my deepest feelings, discovering who I am at the core of my soul, what I stand for, what I went through, what I want to live for. Every one of these movies made me reflect, let me feel intense grat​itude and ​initiated another step towards personal development, towards growth. Building mental strength, enhancing the process to resilience. 

​My recommended movies are a colourful mix of genres, background stories and creative styles. However, for me they are all connected by covering mental health topics or by helping people with mental health challenges on understanding themselves in specific and the world in general on a higher level. 

Spirituality, Belief, Self-reflection, Self-acceptance, Inclusion, Law of attraction, Determining factors, Transcendentality, ​Reality, Emotions, Grief, Suicide, Euthanasia, Personal Growth


1 - All ​​the bright days

German: "All ​die verdammt perfekten Tage"
Available on Netflix

This drama is built around a love story of two young adults, who are taking trips and exploring the world together. Both being confronted with mental health issues, the relationship triggers new moments and feelings, but also learnings about themselves and their connection to the world. Suicide is being themasized.

2 - ​​Hin und Weg

German Movie
Available on Amazon Prime (2,99 € Hire)

This drama is built around the moral question of euthanasia. If a beloved person is terminally ill, would you be able to let him go. How would you feel about assisting suicide in order to help this person to find freedom and end his suffering due to extended pain and diverse restrictions? A wonderful movie, which opens an ethical discussion and delivering new perspectives, emotions and encouragement to self-reflection.

​3 - Vier Könige

German ​Movie
Available on Amazon Prime (2,99 € Hire)

​A movie, ​that is not ​adressed to people who like to avoid truth, pain and the several faces of mental health issues. A movie for anyone, who wants to risk a deeper look into an institution like a mental health clinic. Thematising inclusion, the perception of mental health conditions by family, friends and the society in general. A movie that is raising awareness for and acceptance of mental health conditions.

​4 - ​Die Hütte - ​ein Wochenende mit Gott

German Audio
Available on​ Netflix

​A must-see movie. For everyone, who is struggling, who is in doubt or who lost his faith in the true meaning of life. Facing topics like grief, belief, self-acceptance, personal growth and reality. Strong recommendation for anyone, who loves to look "behind the scenes" and tries to get to the bottom of things.

​5 - ​Letztendlich sind wir dem Universum egal

German Audio
Available on Amazon Prime (2,99 € Hire)

This movie is based on spirituality and transcendental elements. The main character is "Seele A" (= "Soul A"), who is in the steady process of transformation. Every morning, he wakes up in a new body. One day, Rhiannon (the other main character of the movie) becomes aware of his existence and an intense relationship develops. For those, who believe in things that can't be seen with the eyes, but be felt with the heart.  

​6 -​ Ein Tick anders

German ​movie
Available on Amazon Prime ​

​Another movie, which has moved my deeply. Eva as the main character is living with Tourette Syndrom. She has learned to live with her condition, and is happy with her life and all the parts to it, which are familiar and comforting to her. Everything will change, when a ​relocation to Berlin is being ​put forward by her father. Funny, heart-warming and on the point. Inclusion and deterining factors being placed as the main topics of this mental health movie.

​7 - Alles steht Kopf

German Audio
Available on Amazon Prime (2,99 € Hire)

Cartoon-movie showing a little girl moving places and the different emotions being her constant companions. Perfect movie for kids. It provides a great approach on explaining the significance of emotions and their influence on our well-being. Starring: joy, fear, anger, disgust and grief.

​8 - ​Vielmachglas

German Movie
Available on Netflix

A young girl lives her life, without having a concrete goal or plan on how to design her life. The sudden loss of her older brother, who used to be the total opposite of her (open-minded, energetic personality), encourages her to reflect on herself and leads to starting the biggest adventure of her life. In my opinion, especially inspiring for people who feel trapped, without target, fighting depression or suffering from the determining factors of their lives.

​9 - The Secret

German​​ Audio
Available on Netflix

​Documentary film, based on the same-called book of Rhonda Byrne. Both published in 2006 and being centered about the main secret of personal happiness. The Law of attraction.

​10 - ​Den Sternen so nah

German ​Audio
Available on​ Amazon Prime

​Admittedly, this movie does not seem to fit the category "Mental Health Movies" in the first place. However, it has driven me big time and let me visualise how life would potentially take shape, when specific determing factors are involved. Growing up without parents, growing up with a special health condition or growing up on two different planets - like in this movie. Romatic road trip movie with a wonderful love story (yes, again 🙂 ) and a science fiction based storyline. To me, it was an eye-opener and key to feeling deep gratitude.

​Up for some more of my personal recommendations...? ​I am presenting my Top 7 Books ​of 2019 in this blog post​. For all English-speaking folks, this blog article is in German (but equipped with pictures of the book covers, so still worth having a look 😉 ).

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